Facebook Is Taking Over the World

This morning as I putzed around while getting ready for work, I read an article from BusinessWeek titled “Facebook: No. 1 Globally.”

The social networking site is now larger than MySpace when you factor in the worldwide audience. According to comScore, in August, of the 132 million Facebook users, 63% were located outside of North America. This acheivement is credited to the 20-plus languages that the site has been translated in to. Facebook has grown rapidly internationally due to their provided translation tools. Rather than having a local Facebook for various regions, they offer translation tools that allow all users to view the same site in their native tongue.

I found this article particularly interesting as I am currently learning the ways of social media optimization. Sites like Facebook, play a critical role in bringing traffic to your site via social networks, and you have to make sure you approach it in the correct manner to get the most impact for your time.

Along with Facebook, there are social sites such as del.icio.us, digg, feedburner, furl, flickr, stumbleupon, and squidoo. My newest quest is to master the Wiki sites, which may take a little time but I will figure it out. With the aid and support of the team at DDA, everything is coming together quite nicely.