Fall Transitions and Increased Marketing

Waking up is hard to do; or at least it is when you’re trying to make that transition from waking up in full sunlight to waking up in the dark. I have my own theories on whether or not people should really be up and moving if the sun is not out, but unfortunately the rest of society, particularly the working world, does not share my same philosophies.

Like most people, I really love fall and it has many wonderful characteristics.  Besides the brilliant colors of falling leaves, crisp days, and how the smell of the outside clings onto people’s clothing when they come indoors, fall also means we get busier at DDA. Whether it’s in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, to use funds before the end of the financial year, or because people have more time, a lot of companies are now focused on enhancing their marketing and advertising efforts.

From video production and medical animations, to custom programming and website design and development, to illustrations and beyond, the amount of requests for our interactive and traditional marketing and advertising services is increasing. That’s certainly a plus to the change in seasons.

So even though waking up is not the easiest under the new dark conditions, at least at DDA we can awake knowing that we have even more innovative and exciting work to look forward to.