Find your Audience

Before updating or developing website, you need a ask a few fundamental questions:

What is the purpose of the site?
What are the goals of the site?
Who is the audience?

These are 3 huge questions but for now I’m going to concentrate on defining your audience.

You need to decide who the users of your site are and not only who you think it is. Remember, there may be multiple audiences for your site.

Below, is an exercise to perform with the key player in your web development process.

First: Once you have your audience, determine which demographic they fall under. Their age, education, etc. will affect how they use your site.

Second: Assess that audience’s needs, their interests and goals.

Third and Finally: Where and how. Which means where will the user access your site — at home, on an oil rig, an iPhone, a train? This leads into how they access it, what conenction speed and monitor resolution etc.

Integrate this information with your site purpose and it will help you create your Goals (which I’ll write about tomorrow).