Flash Back

Saturday night I treated my fiance and took him to the Jason Aldean concert at the North Star Arena in Six Flags Great Adventure. We spent the late afternoon strolling the park, people watching, and enjoying some food; we ended up not going on a single ride. It was too hot and everyone was extra grumpy!

We figured that this concert would be like any other concert and that the arena would be rather crowded as it was general admission only. We were pleasantly surprsised when we arrived and were able to walk right up to the stage. By the time the show started, there was no more than 1,000 people in the arena. Of course, I left my camera in the car because I thought we were going to be too far away to get any decent shots and throughout the show Jason Aldean posed for pictures for everyone in the crowd.

As we enjoyed the show, I kept getting distracted by the lights that were up in the rigging. They reminded me of my theater days and all of the shows and concerts that I had been a part of. How cool would it be to work a headline concert in an arena? If I was still up to speed on the industry, I would be more than excited for the opportunity. It has been over 5 years since I have stepped foot on a stage and I am sure that there have been great advances in the technology that is available.

The technology that DDA works with on a daily basis is always changing and advancing, and we do all what we can to stay one step ahead. DDA is always learning the next best thing whether it be related to graphic design, video, website development, search engine optimization, programming, or photography. This allows DDA to provide out clients with the best work we can create and create lasting clients that will use our talents to their advantage.