Flip Through a Medical Flipbook

I have to say, medical flipbooks are really neat! Yesterday I was looking through the medical website division of DDA, DDAMedical.com, and clicked around and found myself in the portfolio.  After listing all of our medical services in yesterday’s blog, I ended up clicking on a few sections to see the work that the graphic designers here have created. What is a medical flipbook? A medical flipbook is basically an online version of a medical brochure design or medical catalog design. You click on the corner, which flips upwards and click and it turns the page for you. Our medical flipbooks even make a page-turning sound, so cool.

So you can flip through the pages of healthcare brochure, medical device manufacturer catalog or anything other medical related flipbook, all with the click of a mouse. Check out DDAMedical.com’s medical portfolio and be sure to click on medical flash flipbooks to check them out!