Fly Like a Red-Tailed Hawk

David and I live in a very wooded area. One of my greatest pleasures is to watch a majestic red-tailed hawk claim domain over our back yard (the part we leave wild). There are deer and wild turkeys, snapping turtles, and a pair of herons and numerous geese and assorted ducks cavorting down by the creek’s edge. But it is the hawk who swoops to catch a fish, or who rests on a gnarled tree branch surveying “his” land that intrigues me. He can be menacing, but all the other creatures don’t flee when he flaps those powerful wings–they just keep a respectful distance.

All, that is, except for a pair of robins protecting their five newborns. These robin parents dive bomb him again and again, and he, in turn, seems to say almost amused, “Okay, I’ll leave you be,” and flies off acknowledging that robins have a place in his domain as well. It is a place of calm and order. A place where wind and water and sun nourish all creatures fragile and strong. A place where you can, if you observe closely, watch several stories playing out simultaneously.

Funny, but it reminds me of Dynamic Digital Advertising. Each day, we show up for work and by eight a.m., the computers are booted up, the writers are answering email from the night before; if you listen, you can hear the clicking of keyboards upstairs and downstairs. The phone starts to ring, clients are calling in with requests or problems, the kitchen may have a graphic designer and a flash expert comparing notes, our video department may be preparing for a big shoot, Debbie our casting coordinator is checking to see that the actor arriving for a shoot has all she needs. There is a buzz and the beat goes on. Just as it does down by the creek. I would like to believe that each day, one of us feels like the majestic red-tailed hawk, magically lording over our projects, so in the groove, the hours zip by. When it is your turn, relish the day, then pass the baton. At DDA, we believe in team work even on a day that we fly.