For Lack of A Better Word…

I am blogless. After two weeks without writing a blog, I thought it would be easy to put one together today. I have good reason for not writing, first I was away on vacation; and then when I returned to work my tasklist was overflowing so much that I didn’t have time available. In actuality, it has been rather difficult for me to even come up with an idea for a blog, much less content.

First, I toyed with the idea of tying more wedding details in with the process at DDA, but that one fell through. With my wedding plans at a stand still, it is impossible to compare to DDA as our projects are always progressing and moving forward. Then, I tried to write about my vacation two weeks ago and segue way into a paragraph or two related to DDA. Again no comparison. Finally, I tried to write about the progress I made this weekend on our deck, but I couldn’t find a clever way of transitioning to DDA.

There is plenty to be done, like SEO and SEM, pay per click, and print proposals so I need not spend anymore time trying to put this blog together. I shall try again tomorrow.