Forward Bound

This weekend I  spent time trying to control the many patches of enthusiastic weeds everywhere I looked in our yard. The magical thing about weeds is that they mimic the perennials they share space with effortlessly. It always amazes me that even with my practiced eye I can  yank out some prized plant. And so it goes, a pretty newcomer that is really a noxious weed, wild grasses competing with wilting daffodils for attention. You have to take the time to root out only the invasive newcomer and then the weedy grasses, and leave the daffodils to slowly return to their dormant state until next Spring. 

I learn a lot about business and people and working with potential clients from our yard. One recurring lesson is that things are never as they seem. As a full-service advertising agency, we have to work in layers. Our business development people have to distinguish between the “weedy” prospects and the serious searchers looking for the right agency to do their marketing and promotional projects, our writers have to know the specs of a project so they can budget their time accordingly and not eat into graphic design or programming time. Crystal, who wears a production coordinator hat among other hats, has to watch closely so we make deadlines.

We go through these steps over and over again throughout the week, in every DDA department and it never becomes routine. WHY? Probably because there are too many variables. There is the Dynamic Digital team and the client’s team. There are financial considerations, there are real and artificially imposed deadlines, there are days when one project coordinator has to do double duty. Many a Tuesday it feels like we just get started,  look up at a clock and realize lunch hour has passed unnoticed there is that much on our To Do list. The crucial observation in all this is that not a day goes by that we don’t meet the challenges before us with energy and enthusiasm. A well run company with its unique culture is very much like a well tended garden, healthy, thriving and  forward bound in spite of the weeds.