Free VIP Coupon Book

When I was drinking my morning can of Pepsi, I noticed 1/4 of the can was an ‘offer’ for a VIP coupon book for some outlet shopping center. What this really is, is an advert for the shopping center disguised as value to you by giving you a special coupon book if you present the can. It also uses the cool marketing trick of while stocks last.. meaning that this coupon book is so hot you better rush down and get one. But that isn’t the best part , the “Only One coupon book per can” bit — hahah — is hilarious. I mean you get 12 cans in a standard case anyway for $3.

It’s a win win for Pepsi; it looks like they are offering you free stuff and they get paid to to put that advert on the can, and then you pay for the can on top of that. It’s like they are getting paid twice.

I wonder if this will be a trend for future food, Maybe it could be a whole new model? Would you buy a can of soup it it had an advert for hair shampoo on it, if it then cost you half the price of the one that didn’t have advertisings on it?

Here at DDA, we are alway interested in all forms of advertising from the latest social media ads to giant 50ft billboards and on. We do it all and always have one eye on the can for the next breakthrough.