From My Point of View

A website can be analyzed in many different ways. It all depends on who is looking at it.

If a graphic designer is surfing the web and comes across an interesting website, they will probably be looking at the logo design, webpage layout and overall website design. A programmer might be checking out the forms, .php files, .asp files and scroll through the source code to check out the behind-the-scenes coding of the website.

From my point of view, as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I tend to check out all aspects of the website, sometimes not even by choice, but by habit. Having just about 12 years experience at DDA, a search engine marketing company, it seems that I can no longer look at a website as just a consumer. I check around for meta tags, text navigation and alt text just like when creating a free website analysis.

I  have said on more than one occasion that I do not have a design eye.. at all! So instead of looking at the design of a website, I look at the website’s usability and functionality. After analyzing a website from the search engine optimization aspect, I usually end up forgetting what I was shopping for in the first place and by that time one of my kids needs me for something anyway.

So even though my website surfing time is usually limited, I still can’t shake the optimization specialist point of view when checking out a website.