The first big frost at my house happened this morning. It was one of those full car frosts where I had to scrape every window. I wasn’t really expecting it as it didn’t seem too cold this morning. It did come off easily and melt fairly fast as I started driving. It feels a bit more claustrophobic in my car when the windows are all covered. Strangely as I drove on my long drive to work I didn’t really see anyone else with fresh morning frost on their windows. Maybe I was parked in an extra shadowy spot or something. After the frost melted away it felt like the usual commute of winter. Unfortunately school is back in session so there is the extra hassle of more traffic and slow school zones to drive through. That makes me have to leave a few minutes earlier to still get here at the same time.

Once at DDA the well oiled machine is churning away as usual. Everyone is hard at work on their specialized tasks. People are doing so many different things here because we offer so many different services. We do things like graphic design, 3D animation, flash animation, database programming, SEM, copywriting, video editing, and a whole lot more. Check out one of our numerous portfolios to get an idea what kind of work we are capable of. Then give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.