Garbage in Garbage out

As the pace of change quickens, so does the opportunity for things going wrong. No matter how smart the IT folks, no matter how careful the project coordinators are, no matter how detailed the programming plan is the world is not a perfect place and we humans are not even close.

What does work to minimize problems, eliminate downtime, and avoid plans gone haywire is a dedication to, faith in and support for a SYSTEM. Problem prevention and self correcting procedures should ALWAYS begin with a detailed plan and end with a system to see it through.

Whether for web development, medical elearning, animation, video effects, graphic design or copywriting…the system in place makes the process smoother and the right result much more certain.

With every project DDA asks itself, SELF, what can we do to make sure the results exceed the client’s expectations, is easy on both organizations and as efficient and budget friendly as possible. It almost always involves, skilled artists and programmers, experienced project coordinators, sage marketing advice and a keen awareness by all that we work with the client, for the client and for the client’s benefit. One small problem can destroy six months of goodwill generated by hard work and attention to detail.

If you want to remember something during a hectic day, calendar it. If you want to avoid programming errors, design and plan and execute and test,test,test. If you want to print 30,000 of something flawlessly, proof and share and challenge every aspect.

I do practice what I preach and avoid most problems and have a pretty good memory.

BUT, I came to work today to a mess by the trash container compounded by some hungry critter(s) enjoying last Thursday’s DDA leftovers over the weekend. Apparently, I forgot to place the trash, left beside the container by the cleaning crew, in the locked container. Something I do every Friday. My system failed me and I had to clean up the mess.

OH that’s right..there was no system.