Generation Y has changed the way businesses do business

With the digital age upon us, more and more companies are having to locate other ways to reach their growing customer base from Generation Y. The number of people who read the printed newspaper has dropped as more turn to digital media. Over the past few weeks, DDA has been working with one of our long-time clients in developing a social media plan that will help them reach potential and existing customers via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the web in general.

As we have been uploading product videos to YouTube, we have also been developing a custom Facebook page that launched last week. To get the ball rolling in the social realm, our client opted to run a contest where they are giving away a 1/2 carat pair of diamond studs. All one has to do to enter is become a fan of their page, it is that easy! At the same time we have launched their Twitter account which will aid in driving traffic to their Facebook page.

Now that the page is up, we will get back to the drawing board and press forward with building their social presence. It is mind-boggling how fast social media has grown and the importance it has developed. As always, DDA will be right there learning what there is to know and mastering it for our clients.