Get fresh with Google — It Really Wants you to, Honest!

Yes it true. But it’s not really a secret.

Google really likes fresh updated content on your website. The common believe is that the more often you update your site, the more often Google will come back. If it comes back three times and sees no difference, then it will wait a while before returning the next time. Much like a neighborhood cat, if you feed Google new content you will keep its interest and it’ll be back tomorrow to see what else you have for it.

One benefit to this is say you are running a Memorial Day special and you add it to your site, you don’t then want to wait a week for Google to send its spider out and find and index your sale. If it came everyday, your sale would be found faster, giving people more time to find it

Depending on your business, new fresh content is also very good for getting humans to come back to your site and find out what is new and therefore keeping your business in mind when they need to update their widget to the latest version.

There are lots of ways to write fresh content. One of the easiest ways is to add a blog to your site and write daily about issues that are related to your field of business. Another good way is to have a regularly updated FAQ section where maybe customers ask questions and you write replies to them.

The bottom line here is this is more than just good search engine optimization; it’s common sense, even if it’s just as simple as adding a breaking news section. It’s in your best interest not to bulid your website and forget about it, but to lovingly maintain it like your prize winning garden.