Get LinkedIn and Go Viral

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has reported more than 200 million users who stem from more than 200 countries and territories. It is said that LinkedIn acquires two new users every second. Depending on who you ask, the objective behind the use of LinkedIn varies. While one user may log on to learn about job openings in their field or build a network of professional associates, another user may utilize the platform to showcase their personal brand and follow key developments at strategically connected organizations. Or, you may encounter the type of user who wants to take advantage of all the opportunities this social media platform has to offer.

For surgeons, physicians, and medical professionals, LinkedIn social media networking can not only improve a personal reputation, but provide yet another way to extend your reach within the healthcare community. It is important, however, to not perceive LinkedIn as a static profile page, but as a dynamic process. Simply setting up a profile isn’t enough. Regular activity and interaction on the platform will help fuel your networking potential. Below are a few ways you can remain relevant on LinkedIn and even go viral.

  • Refresh your description summary. As a medical professional, you are constantly learning new techniques and procedures as standards change, evidence from clinical trials reveals itself, and investments in advanced technology are made. When you acquire new skills, update your description summary on LinkedIn and people will take notice.
  • Replace your profile photo. Having professional head shots done for all of the office or OR staff? Pick the best and replace that outdated profile photo. Putting a face to a name is very meaningful. When so much is communicated by email, online, or over the phone, that photo may be the only image people have of you. Make it a positive one.
  • Join groups or start your own. By joining groups on LinkedIn, you are able to stay updated on the latest news within your particular area of expertise or interest. By starting your own group, you can post news and represent yourself as the important thought-leader you are.
  • Contribute comments, recommend others, and add connections. As you read news articles or posts for your colleagues on LinkedIn, take a moment and contribute a comment. Maybe you agree with the perspective shared in the article or perhaps you have something to add. Ask your colleagues for recommendations or recommend someone else. Not only will this keep your connections interested, but the authentic testimonial will work to improve your reputation. As you meet new people in your line of work, add them as connections on LinkedIn. The more people you add, the bigger your network and the further your reach.
  • Create a company page. A company page on LinkedIn gives you the ability to post updates on key developments within your organization. Keep your company status updates relevant and short, so that your connections will want to follow you. You could post your medical presentations or lectures, which would extend your audience exponentially and help you go viral. For each company status update, you can see impressions and engagement numbers approximately 24 hours after posting.

Updating, revising, adding, or subtracting content on LinkedIn, as well as on other social media platforms, is what causes others to notice your pages. A division of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), DDA Medical offers social media marketing, consulting, and management services to healthcare professionals. Contact us at 215-355-6442 or to learn more.