Get Some Respect

Earlier this week while dining out on my last night of vacation, I experienced a bit of rudeness that I never have before, and I worked as a server in a restaurant for four years mind you. Our server had just brought us our food and was checking as to whether or not everything was OK, when the gentlemen at the table to my right began shouting at her, as she stood at our table, asking if the restaurant sold french fries. He wasn’t angry, just loud and inappropriate. He obviously didn’t understand the meaning of “waiting your turn.”

At DDA, good manners are essential. Sure you may not think of medical and corporate marketing and advertising in this light, but it’s a very important component. At DDA, we treat all of our clients from the traditional print projects to the highly interactive eLearning platforms, featuring virtual medical simulations, with respect and consideration. All of our clients are given a good deal of attention and asked to provide their input at each stage of a project’s development, reviewing and revising design concepts and offering suggestions during on-location or in-studio video production or digital photography shoots.

Decorum and good manners are both huge components to keeping a civilized society and to me, they go without saying. So, when it comes to choosing a marketing and advertising company and production house, whether it’s search engine marketing (SEM), website design and development, custom programming, animations, or more you’re looking for, you can be sure that at DDA, you’ll get nothing but respect.