Get What you Want

As I know I’ve mentioned once or twice, my younger sister is off to college at the end of this month. During one of her college orientation meetings, she met another girl with whom she bonded instantly. So much so, the two decided to be roommates. Unfortunately, even after resubmitting her housing forms, she did not get the roommate she wanted. So now she has to do exactly what she tried to avoid, take a chance on a complete stranger. She’s a bit worried, but I know it’ll work itself out. Even if she doesn’t get along with the roommate selected for her, she can always switch in a few months. Besides, I think it would be good to meet someone outside of her comfort zone.

The great thing  about DDA is you always get exactly what you want as you want. There’s no mystery prize behind door number 3 or waiting weeks on end to see what it is we may deliver to you. Every project we undertake, whether it’s video production, website design and development, 2D or 3D animation, medical illustration or design, or even search engine marketing (SEM), is not only based on the client’s exact needs, it’s broken down into many small steps so you have ample opportunity for review and revision at each step of the process.

DDA would never work on a project from A to Z and then hand it over to the client at the end as a nearly finished product. We rely heavily on client feedback and automatically build that into all of our quotes. You can have as much control over a project as you desire. In fact, we prefer when the client is active throughout development, providing input, suggestions, and approving design concepts, site menus, content, etc.

The best part is, with DDA, you get more than you expected. Our focus on innovation and advancing technologies means that any surprise we throw your way, is going to be a great one, like virtual medical simulations and iPad and iPhone friendly from-scratch and Apps development and Flash conversion services.

My younger sister maybe has a right worry, a little bit, but when it comes to corporate and medical interactive and traditional marketing and advertising, if you select DDA has your roomie (in a manner of speaking), there’s no reason to fear.