Get your Marketing Fix

While I love the changing of the seasons, particularly from winter to spring, my body doesn’t always agree. I have some kind of allergy to something — I think it’s triggered by temperature change — and it’s around these times that I began to get a little extra groggy in the morning, my sinuses ache, and I get stuffed up. This year, it would appear, I’ve added intensely itchy eye (only appears to be the one) into the mix. Luckily, a minor, over-the-counter allergy medication seems to do the trick for me, along with some kind of headache reliever on certain days. As long as I remember to take it every day, I can avoid the need to want to intensely claw at my eye.

Unfortunately, not every fix is that easy. Some require a lot of thought, planning, and research. At DDA, we get all kinds of requests, and many times it’s from someone who was dealing with another (insert appropriate vendor type here, i.e. website developer, search engine marketing (SEM) firm, video production company, animator, etc.) and they didn’t like where things were going. It can be another marketing and advertising company, that in looking to outsource a particular service, suddenly realized the first vendor really couldn’t do what they wanted, or it can be a new medical company or other business that already started a project and the vendor just didn’t perform.

No matter the circumstance, the need, or problem, DDA is an excellent go-to vendor. With full-service corporate and medical marketing and advertising services, like website design and development, video production, illustration and graphic design, logo development, brochure design and development, medical writing, and so much more, we’re pretty confident we can meet your needs. Plus, with 16 years experience and a long list of satisfied clients, we think we’ll exceed your expectations.

Some problems may be easy for us to remedy and others not so much, but either way, you can be sure when you turn to DDA, you’ll get your fix.