Getting Organized

I am usually a very organized person, at home and at work as an SEO Specialist for a search engine marketing company. But lately, I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get things put away in their designated spots. At home, there were baskets of folded laundry that sat there from Sunday afternoon until last night, that never happens in my house!! Bins from the transition of seasonal wardrobes are still sitting in my bedroom and there are piles of clothes that need to be picked through to see if they will be worn this season or donated to charity. I hate clutter!!

Luckily, at my desk at DDA, a website design company near Philadelphia,  things aren’t as unorganized. All of my office supplies are accounted for and sit nicely in my desk organizer, my website optimization paperwork rests neatly in my SureThing Optimization Program folder and my workspace is generally clean. I guess its the clutter at home that is making me feel the need to constantly straighten up.

So today in between adding social bookmarking code to websites and implementing optimization techniques, I will put away the unused notepads and possibly give my desk a wipe down. I am sure that there are files on my desktop that can be sent to the recycling bin or placed in a folder out of sight. And since my computer belonged to the Director of Interactive Media at one point, I am sure that there are files on here that are just taking up space.

Having an organized workspace helps me focus on the work at hand. I cannot focus meta tags or submit press releases if I have stacks of papers towering over me, or a pile of yellow sticky notes screaming for attention.