Getting Over the Hump

Ah, its Wednesday. For those of us at DDA, a search engine marketing company, that means that only one more day and our weekend is here. For me, a search engine optimization specialist, it is the end of the month as well, which means that I am finishing up the last few websites that I need to optimize for the month, just to start all over again for the month of August. Things got a little crazy there for a bit and it seemed like there was no end in site to the clients enrolled in our SureThing Optimzation Program, but here I am with only a couple sites left for the month.

I will be adding expanded text navigation to a prostate cancer website that we designed today and finishing up optimization on a forgings website that one of our talented graphic designers put together. Once I finish this, then it is onto the website optimization of one of our new sections called DDA CMT (corporate and medical training). I will be adding alt text, focusing meta tags and implementing content header tags all Wednesday long.