Getting What You Want

My youngest son became obsessed with a certain costume since we walked through the Halloween store last weekend. All he talked about was going back to the store and buying this costume. Every morning when he woke up he would ask if we were going to the “scary store” to pick up his costume. Luckily, my older son just so happened to wear the exact costume two years ago! And since I am a neat freak/pack rat/organized maniac, I was able to go to my box of Halloween costumes all wrapped in original packaging and pull out the costume.

Well he found the costume and you would have thought that it was Christmas morning! Of course he wants to wear it every second of the day, so now I am dealing with that fight every morning.

Anyway, I sometimes wonder if this is how our clients feel when their website design goes live, business card designs are printed or cd-rom designs are delivered. At DDA, our clients can come in and throw out any number of ideas and we are most likely able to handle their request. Interactive website design? Sure. 2d or 3d animations? No problem. Logo design to use for websites as well as printed materials? Absolutely.

With so many digital services available under one roof, DDA has no problem helping you get what you want. So contact DDA today!