Getting What You Want

My fiance and I are on the hunt for a new sofa, sectional, couch and loveseat…whatever the combination may be, for our living room, that will comfortably seat our family of five for family movie nights. The lonely loveseat we have been using for the past few months just isn’t cutting it. I had the same problem that Steve mentioned in his blog — the sectionals wouldn’t quite fit in the area that we need it to go. I am a bargain shopper and will not buy anything that isn’t on sale, so we are still out shopping the sales for the perfect piece of furniture that will accommodate our family.

I wish I could just walk into a store and say I would like a sectional with chaise lounger, in this color, that will fit my specific measurements and throw in the fabric stain guard all for this price and not a penny more.

Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. But at DDA, a search engine marketing company, you can get what you want. When you come into our office located in Southampton, PA to meet with a project coordinator and a graphic designer, you can ask for whatever you want and we can handle it. Say you want a corporate or medical video created and you also need scriptwriting, casting and special effects services. We can do that. If you need a website design with keyword research, pre-launch website optimization and website hosting. We can also do that. Even if you need a logo design that will need to be incorporated into a new catalog design, brochure design and die-cut business card. We can do it all.

Check out our digital services at, where you can pick and choose your services and always get what you want… well except for a sectional, of course.