Giving Props to DDA’s Photoshop Experts

OK, so last night I had this brilliant idea of what to do for my Dad’s upcoming birthday and it includes making a Photoshop file of his initials. Pretty simple, right? I have dabbled in Photoshop over the years, but since I am a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, the bulk of my time is spent using Dreamweaver. I have fixed pictures of my kids and taken something from one image and putting into another, but trying to create something from scratch had never been attempted.

Also hovering above me was my prison guard — time. After picking up the kids, making dinner, running to a few stores, getting kids in pjs, cleaning the kitchen, folding a load of wash, making lunches, doing some DDA work… it was finally time for me to give Photoshop a try at 10 p.m.!

In the world of search engine optimization, I do not need a very steady hand. I also do not need to click around from different sized brushes, cloning tools, cropping tools, pen tools and so on. It took me a while to figure out how to create this “logo” but eventually I actually was able to do it. Scaling and rotating black lines to create his initials the way that he writes on all of his work belongings etc.

It made me really appreciate the logos that the graphic designers at DDA create for websites that I see on a daily basis in our SureThing Optimization Program. They really are masters of their craft and must have amazingly steady hands! When trying to use the eraser tool my edges looked like one of my children were trying to do the work. But after much trial and error and an hour of time spent, the logo was complete. Now I am sure that this is something one of our designers could have whipped up in minutes, but I was rather proud of myself for even trying this task.

As exciting as it was for me to have my vision come to life right in front of me, I think I will stick with meta tags, alt text, website traffic reports and website optimization for now. I just don’t have the time to click around and figure this program out, so I will leave it to the pros! Great job designers!