Google Breadcrumbs

Whenever you search in Google, each result you get back has a green website address at the bottom. A problem Google identified is that these URLs are often too long or obscure to provide useful feedback to the user.

To address this issue, Google is rolling out (you may not see it yet) a hierarchical navigation that will replace the URL.

The new navigation not only tells you more information about what to expect on the page, but also short cuts links. In the example above, clicking on “Toys & Games” takes you to ProductWiki’s listing page for all toys, and clicking on “Robots” takes you to a list of their robot toys.

To create this new feature Google analyzes the navigation structure of the page. If you use a breadcrumb navigation on your site, there is a high chance that Google will simply use your terms and names to create the links. So if you’re not using any form of breadcrumb navigation right now, it may be worth looking into as it will give you some control of the hierarchical information Google displays.

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