Google Caffeine

The big SEO story right now is that Google is fundamentally updating its indexing system. It’s rewriting a large chunk of code that performs the indexing task.

For those of us who have been in the SEO game a while, this can be compared to the ‘Big Daddy’ update of late 2005/2006. This was a huge shake up with long-time, well-ranking sites slipping drastically in the rankings.

The good news is, this time they are giving us a sneak preview of the index before it launches. You can test it here:

You can also do a quick side-by-side compare of the current index using this site:

The main difference is, it brings results up twice as fast and has more files in its index. Remember that this test site is still in its alpha phase and the results will probably change day to day.

DDA’s search engine marketing (SEM) department is keeping a close eye on this Google update. Having been in the business for more than a decade, we have seen many update come and go. We expect this may be a big wave to ride but we we will weather it as we have in the past. A change like this is good. It helps remove the black-hat listings and reward well-built, content-rich sites, which is what we at DDA like to see.