Google is Awesome

I was taken by surprise later in the day yesterday when I went on Google to search and as I typed I noticed results were instantly showing up and constantly changing with every letter I typed. It was blowing my mind. A quick look around and I found that this was Google’s new implemented technology called Google Instant. In the world of search engines, this new ability puts Google leaps and bounds above the others. There is no need to ever actually click the search button. The results are just constantly appearing.

This is really amazing and I can’t say enough about how impressive it is. The new speed of searches is mind-boggling. Google’s own research says that this new technology will save an average of 2 to 5 seconds per search. That is an eternity in Internet time! They claim that when implemented globally it will save the world about 11 hours per second! This amazing step forward was only possible thanks to 15 other new technologies. Google didn’t list what they were, but obviously this is a very complex and advanced step forward. I have no idea how they did this, but thank goodness the Google geniuses figured it out because it is amazing.

Bing had tried to trump Google when it came out to limited success with its own new features, but Google has just overshadowed anything Bing had going for it. Google is number one in my book. If you haven’t Googled anything lately, by all means go there now and try this out. It’s truly revolutionary for Internet searching. So you know, Google Instant only works on the more recent versions of browsers. So if you haven’t updated your browser lately, do it now! You should update anyway for speed and security. Get to it.

Google has also been using some interactive coding for their Google logo lately too, which I assume is partly in thanks to HTML 5. One day the letters were made of little bubbles that would flee from your mouse and enlarge, then eventually settle back again to form the word. The next day the word Google was all gray and the letters would fill with color as you typed your search. These were unnecessary little things, but I’m sure were fun to show off. I can only imagine what’s next in store for Google. What secret plans are they developing right now?

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