Google is Getting More Involved in Social Search

For some time now, Google has been running their Social Search experiment. It has been received well by those who chose to test it. In late January 2010, Google made Social Search available to everyone. The idea behind Google’s Social Search is to allow users to make their online searches more personal with relevant content and images from your friends and online contacts.

So, if you are signed in to your Google account and are a part of Social Search, you should see relevant queries from your friends. The example that Google provides in their blog is “when we search for [baby sleep patterns], [swaddling] or [best cribs], not only do we get the usual websites with expert opinions, we also find relevant pages from our friends and contacts. For example, if one of my friends has written a blog where he talks about a great baby shop he found in Mountain View, this might appear in my social results. I could probably find other reviews, but my friend’s blog is more relevant because I know and trust the author.”

The backbone of Google’s Social Search is none other than social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. So if you have a strong social media following with quality content you can easily make yourself more prominent through Google Social Search. It will not be enough to establish Facebook and Twitter accounts that you never update. Be sure to regularly add quality content that is valuable to your business; this will ultimately lead to greater prominence for you and your business.

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