Google loves it Deep

..and therefore so should you, that is if you want to Rank well in their search results. Deep linking has been around for awhile but is often left out of the conversation or overshadowed by the page rank of the site the link comes from and the keyword of that link. So in search engine optimization terms, what deep linking means is that when you link to a site you don’t just link to the homepage, but you link further in to the exact page related to a particular topic.

For example, if I was writing about how Dynamic Digital Advertising now creates Google Adsense Video ads for its customers, I would link the user to the exact page on that topic in our site. Not only is this better for search engines but also for the user as they don’t have to go searching for the information on the website. Of course once the visitor is at your site they can easily go to other items of interest (that is if your menu architecture is up to scratch).

A good ratio is to have at least 2/3 of all incoming links not going to your home page. This appears more natural to search engines. If all links go to your home, it could seem link you are paying for them. Having deep links also helps your internal pages increase in page rank, as it does not have to filter down from the home page where it gets diluted.

Tomorrow: Google really wants you to get fresh with it!