Google’s “Next Generation” search engine

If you recall earlier in the year I talked about Google updating its indexing system. This was named Google Caffeine. You can read it here. Well it looks like Google has closed down its test site and is rolling out this update. As it’s the Holiday season — a time for happiness. cheer and big sales — Google isn’t releasing the full-blown caffeine until after the 1st for fear of upsetting webmasters and having then storm Googleplex with pitchforks and torches.

Of course the Algorithm is still a highly guarded secret, so much so that I imagine people only work on part of it at a time and that only a few know the exact weighting that goes in to the complete formula.

The good news is Google has told us some items that will affect your ranking more.

  1. Site Speed
    Which is how fast your site loads
  2. Broken Links
    If your site is linking to places that don’t exist
  3. Bad Neighborhoods
    If you link and get linked to people who use black hat techniques
  4. Over-All Page Quality
    OnPage factors, Quality unique content and good navigation

As always, DDA’s search engine marketing (SEM) department is keeping a close eye on this Google update.