Happier in the Wings

When Meet DDA was added to the website it was exciting. A member of our design team created illustrations of each of us. As the project progressed, it was exciting to see the final product and now Meet DDA showcases this work to give visitors to the site a look into DDA. Visitors can also gain access to individual member’s blogs through Meet DDA.

Today the video department has decided to shoot interview-style videos of each of us to add to Meet DDA. While I know that our talented video team will develop a final product that is spectacular, I am not so excited about having to be on video. For one, there is a reason why I am not an actress – I am not comfortable on-camera (trust me I gave it a try before); second I am so soft spoken and I am sure capturing my voice will be an issue; and third I am involved in so many different areas of DDA that I am unsure as to what I should talk about.

I am much more comfortable here at my desk working on search engine marketing or optimization, website updates, ranking reports, and invoicing.