Happy 25th Birthday to the dot-com!

As I was reading through various articles this morning, I came across one that made me stop and think. It was an article that delved into the Internet, the birth of the web, and focused on how the first .com web domain was registered 25 years ago today.

There were other fun facts mentioned that I found interesting, so I thought I would share:

  • The company that registered the very first web domain is now defunct.
  • In 1985, there were 6 domain names registered.
  • By 1997, there were a total of 1 million .com web address registered.
  • Currently, there are approximately 668,000 .com sites registered every month. (Imagine what that number is if you were to include .org, .edu, .gov, .net…..)

Since finding this article I have been trying to figure out when my first exposure to the World Wide Web was. I still don’t have an answer… but if I remember I will let you know.