have it all

Yesterday’s blog made me think of an old favorite movie “Weird Science.” In this movie, two youths are inspired to create a woman after watching “Frankenstein.” So, with a little help from a government computer, they concoct their dream woman. They make her not only beautiful, but they give her the intelligence of Albert Einstein, the attitude and fashion sense of a rock star, and the gifts of animation, reality warping, teleportation, along with memory, time and weather manipulation – she has it all.

At DDA, we create perfection as well.  As a full service advertising agency, we can concoct your dream website or advertising campaign. Combine your choice of medical illustrations, logo design, 3d animations, virtual medical simulation, medical copywriting, streaming video, live webcasts and interactive games, add in some search engine optimization and medical IT services et voila! It’s alive! Together, we have created the perfect custom-made masterpiece. With a little help from DDA, you too can have it all.