Health Is Wealth

When I was growing up I envied my classmates who got to stay home because they were sick, or had to go to some special resort to recuperate from some illness or surgery. Why can’t that be me, I would ask myself.  My seven-year-old mind envied those kids. When I would complain to my Dad, he would say, “One day you will thank your lucky stars that you are so healthy!” That observation never helped. Instead, it made me feel like a horse, (I saw how pampered those race horses were) they were cared for night and day. But what I wanted was no homework, no piano lessons, no getting up early for Mass.

What a difference being a grown up makes! Health is wealth Benjamin Franklin said, and truer words were never spoken.

Keeping your business healthy should be a top priority with big and small companies as well.  During these hard times, losing productivity because staff calls out sick has a domino effect on projects. Thankfully at DDA our buddy system works well. We don’t make excuses to clients that cost them time and money or causes us to scramble when a deadline looms. It is not always easy to have to do someone elses work but we manage without causing a major crisis.

Being able to work remotely when necessary helps, having staff members who volunteer to come in on weekends if needed is a plus, but probably the most important component is having graphic designers, and programmers and animators and project coordinators and production people who stay meticulously organized so nothing falls through the cracks.

The men and women who work at DDA are real troopers!