Healthcare Management IT

At DDA Medical, we provide our clients with the heatlhcare IT services they need. Whether it’s a patient portal, personal health records or patient tracker tools, DDA Medical can handle it.

DDA Medical can provide heathcare IT management with custom patient tracker software if needed. The management and treatment of patients relies mostly on efficient administrative capabilities and effective scheduling of patient care. DDA Medical is experienced in  creating custom tracking tools for patients and software for healthcare practitioners and patients that provides a simple way to keep updated health management data. Information regarding symptoms, medications, lab test results and vital signs can be logged into electronic patient tracking systems for physicians or patiented to utilize.

Patient tracking is useful for large oragnizations such as hospitals, as it will help minimize the delays associated with moving patients from admission to the various units of the hospital. DDA Medical’s patient tracking tools and healthcare IT services can help solve common management errors of patients when desling with admission and discharge or tracking the observation of patients. DDA Medical’s patient tracker tools create a single resource for patient management that is able to be viewed by multiple staff members at any given time.