We had a death in the family here at DDA yesterday. The fiance of one of our staff was hit and killed by a truck on the New Jersey Turnpike. Not only was Chris only 25 years of age but apparently he had stopped to investigate skid marks that may have indicated a car having gone off the road. He was hit getting back into his vehicle when struck. Even more unbelievable, the truck driver did not stop.

The sadness has just permeated the building. It is so hard to just go about the day’s work, and only small amounts of time go by after which each of us stop to think about our colleague and the abrupt and devastating turn-of-events that has changed her life.

Our colleague is a planner, very organized, always addressing and solving problems, always on top of things. There is no way to plan for this kind of event and really no way to understand how to deal with it and somehow recover from it.

All of us at DDA want her to know how much we care, how helpless we all feel, and that we know how helpless and hurt she must feel.  Without invading her space and being presumptive, because none of us know personally the pain she must be in, we want her to know that she has many wonderful, powerful things going for her. She is very strong and bright, she is young and full of life and energy, and she has many people at home and at work who care about her.