Here or There, or Anywhere

Two of our video department team members are out of the office for most of the day on a shoot. I think it’s a digital photography shoot, but it might be for video. Either way there have been a lot of off site shoots going on over the past few months. I think Matt has gotten to voyage on all of them and aside from one incident where he may have been hit with some puke splatter on a bus, I think he’s had a good time. He’s been to a lot of places for these various shoots and has even been treated to some real fancy dinners by clients for a job well done. Today’s trip isn’t too far, relatively speaking. Since we are on the east side of Pennsylvania, a trip to New Jersey isn’t the most exciting place to be going, but a client there needs our professional work done.

Whether at your place or ours, DDA can deliver. Our in-house video studio allows us to do almost anything, right in our own building, but if something needs to be captured live on-site, we can do that too. Something like a window installation or a medical procedure can’t really be brought to us, so we will bring our people and equipment to you. We do other things as well in the world of digital media. We can also tackle something like 3D animation, advanced programming, copywriting, custom web design, SEM, graphic design, and much more.

Give us a call today to get a quote and see what we can do for you. If you are in the area, feel free to also schedule a tour of our facility. Someone will take you around and show you our building, equipment, and some past projects.