How Does Your Business Grow?

Around this time of the year, I am always struck by the similarity between gardening and running a small business.

The sunshine and milder temperatures and seeing early daffodils and crocuses and robins looking for worms in the cold brown earth bears similarity to those of us seriously engaged in finishing projects.  Some of us can see the end goal, others are mired in changes and more changes. Others are excited to close a project successfully.

Again the tasks are similar to waking up a garden after a brutal winter. There is brush and endless twigs and other debris to clear, there are remnant oak and maple leaves matted in clumps, diehards from the Autumn that refused to drop from majestic branches, but now hiding places for disease, beds that must be turned, decisions about transplanting bushes overgrown for their original spots… and so it goes.

At DDA, some of us grit our teeth when we get emails asking for changes that we know should have been discussed much earlier in the process. We all try to anticipate these changes by meticulous pre-planning, but even with our collective experience, website projects and video driven platforms still require change orders.

So gardening and running a marketing and advertising agency both need passion and persistence for the long haul.

“The true gardener, like an artist is never satisfied.” H.E. Bates.  Let’s hope the Spring and Summer months bring exciting blooms to the garden and to DDA, where many artists reside.