How to hire a SEO expert

The first question is does my business need SEO?

  • If you only have 3 to 5 main customers a year, then no.
  • If your competitor comes up for keywords that are relevant to your business, then yes.
  • If more traffic to your site would result in, more sales, improved customer service, better brand visibility, then yes.
  • If people are actively looking for your type of business, then yes.
  • If you are currently using Adwords, then yes
  • If you are currently paying for an industry relavent directory listing like ThomasNet, then yes.
  • If you are currently paying for yellow book/pages listings, then yes.

Do I do my own Search Engine Optimization or do I hire a Search Engine Marketing Professional? Some points to consider.

  • If you are a small business and currently spend all day running your business do you have time to spend learning and then implementing SEO techniques on your website?
  • If you do it on your own, it won’t cost you any money, but will the effort it takes investing in that take time and therefore money away from other parts of your business?
  • Will you be able to get good results doing it yourself?

If I do look for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist what do I look for?

  • Number 1 to is look for a Guarantee. If they offer one then run in the opposite direction.
  • Call around and see what different companies offer.
  • Ask them if they will change your site’s content. If not, then that is not a good sign.
  • Are they a “Google Advertising Professional?” That’s good to have if they are running your Adwords PPC campaign, but does not say anything about their SEO skills.
  • Do they have their own in-house writes to create search engine friendly content?
  • Ask to see examples of what they have archived for their current clients.
  • Ask what type of reporting you will receive while in their program.

My main tip is:

If you choose a SEO firm, then remember to stay hands on. They may know how to do it well but nobody knows your business better then you. Work hand in hand with the company and this will always lead to more accurate and targeted results.