I’m In a Jersey Shore State of Mind…

Spending the end of last week on the beach was just what this Search Engine Optimization Specialist needed. No Dreamweaver errors, no meta tag focusing and no computer whatsoever! Just my family, the beach and the sound of the ocean. It was fantastic!

There is something about being able to walk around in a bathing suit, pareo and flip flops and it being perfectly acceptable, that is just amazing. I mean, lets face it, if I strolled into DDA, a search engine marketing company, in that get up everyone would think that I was crazy!

But now its back to the website optimization of my SureThing Optimization Program clients. My beach vacation is just a memory now, with only a tan, raccoon eyes, and the sand that somehow still says on everything to show that I was away for a few days.

On the beach in New Jersey I got a lot of R&R – rest and relaxation. Now being back at DDA, I will get a different type of R&R – rankings and results (in the search engines of course)

It was a much needed and thoroughly enjoyed mini-vacation, but it’s always nice to be home!