I’m Not a Doctor, But I Play One On DDAMedical.com

Aside from being a search engine optimization specialist at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I have been involved in a billboard design, interactive video game and an onlivemation video created for ddamedical.com.

I learned a lot while filming the scenes for the different sections of ddamedical.com. The site is split into several divisions discussing information for healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and the big idea. I remember stumbling over so many lines including words with way too many syllables, including when discussing “information destination” topics.

Our portfolio shows examples of:

When you come to DDA for any of your medical design needs, we won’t ask you to open your mouth and say, “Ahhh”, but we can guarantee that you will say, “Yes!” to DDA’s affordable pricing and outstanding designs for medical advertising and print material.