Incompetent Competitors

We sort of lost a client. Heres the story:

An old client company merged with another company and that company’s marketing person took charge. The new marketing person hired a local B2B firm to build a new website. Now this B2B marketing firm has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) messages all over their website. They talk about professional SEO services, but one look at their own poorly designed, template derived, weak, small website and it is obvious they don’t get it.

So, they built the client a similar, small, weak, poorly designed, template derived website. They moved the site and not only eliminated 4 and a half years of great search marketing work, they replaced a custom, well designed, powerful website with #$%*&.

We lost a client that has been pretty much revenue neutral for us for 4 and a half years, no big deal, and they lost rankings, traffic, leads, business, sales and a far better web presentation. Can’t blame the other marketing firm for being incompetent. The client is at fault. Her defense is that she was never told about us by the company (our client) they merged with.

I guess the title should not be incompetent competitors, it should be incompetent client.