Ok, I admit that INSULATION sounds like a strange name for a blog from an advertising and marketing firm. Well let me explain the logic.

We had our building recently insulated. The building was renovated in 2005 by the previous owner, and again to some extent, by DDA when we moved in just a few months ago. It’s a great building. Very big, solid, sound and comfortable. Unfortunately, the previous owners elected to put in oversized heating and cooling units and neglected to add any insulation at all.

So, during the last few years the building definitely hasn’t been green. In fact, for the previous owners, the green was being burned by the utility bills. The utility bills from last summer, for the previous owner, were almost as much as our entire rent at our old facility.

We were determined to change that and we did. What was interesting was what I learned from the process. Sure I now know more about state-of-the-art insulation installation than I ever wanted to, but more importantly I learned that there is no such thing as a simple sale and that doing the right thing is just as important in insulation installation as it is in building interactive marketing tools such as search engine optimized websites.

Let me explain. We got three bids. We did not take the low one. One company had a different approach. More expensive, more insulation material, more work and a more sophisticated theory on what our building needed. We didn’t pick them because the owner was a better salesman, it was because he was right. He understood the original building structure, took a systemic and comprehensive approach to the project and was willing to do the extra hard work to do it right. Yes, it was more work and more money and more difficult for those of us trying to work that week, but he was right.

I called the insulation installation owner yesterday to say thank you for insisting on doing the job the right way and he opened up with a rush of frustration that kind of surprised me. I listened, thanked him again and got off the phone with a real sense that he is a kindred spirit.

I do exactly what he does. I refuse to sugar coat things. I refuse to tell clients what they want to hear. I refuse to pretend that things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is easy or quick or that it can be done cheaply or with smoke or mirrors. The projects we quote have the the right keyword research, the correct content architecture and content, sufficient strategic planning, significant size and scope, tremendous optimization potential and strong optimization programs, metric reporting, hosting and management over time to climb to the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN every time for hundreds of search term rankings.

Not everyone chooses DDA, but most everyone who understands the real issues, does. As with a superior insulation installation, strategically planned, appropriately executed, superior website development pays off month after month after month.