Interactive blog on hold

Since I heard that the new section of DDA that will discuss our interactive services is starting to be built out, I had all intentions on blogging about everything interactive. Then I started checking my emails. Along with the hefty task of organizing website optimization TRACs and a summary for a large window manufacturing website that we created, I was also asked to proofread several projects that ranged from a CD-ROM design, accessories brochure turned into a PDF, a matrix as well as a medical brochure. And now my day is half over and I still need to get to the website optimization that is waiting for me.

So here is a quick overview of what future interactive blogs will discuss:

  • Augmented Reality inInteractive Marketing
  • Interactive Distributed Media
  • Interactive eCommerce
  • Interactive Environment/Trade Shows
  • Interactive Games
  • Interactive Programming Applications
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Interactive Videos/Webcasts
  • Interactive Web Experiences