Interactive, Whats in a name?

When Dynamic Digital Advertising began in 1994 we were the only advertising agency in the Philadelphia area that had the word digital in its name. Within a few years, a few others began popping up and one long time competitor even took the drastic step of changing their name to include digital. We spent years educating our clients and potential clients about the importance of digital to the future of advertising and their own marketing efforts.

One of our brochures was titled, Digital…Ride the wave. Another stated, We were digital before digital was cool. When we took on the task and very limited glory of becoming Pennsylvania’s first commercial digital photography studio, the announcement brochure read, Digital Photography is better…you be the judge.

Seems like we have spent a quarter of our time pioneering and innovating, a quarter of our time explaining and educating and the rest doing and providing. Not a bad mix, but not what we anticipated when we first began.

But DDA is like a child, the good with the bad, the exciting with the dull, the faith without the worry. Today, while the internet and general connectivity has broken down the manufacture of advertising into little byte size pieces so that many individuals can work independently, DDA holds firm to its original philosophy. One of the most technologically advanced advertising organization on the planet, able to build anything and everything in-house with great advertising and marketing strategy and messages in a seamless and coherent fashion.

Not a whole bunch of little pieces that try to fit together but a highly unified and integrated program the gets attention and results. Not for everyone, but for those who want impactful advertising, great interactive user experiences, and a team of professionals on their side that balance the goals of affordability with great creative, superb aesthetics, and obsessive customer service.