Internet Advertising sets Record High for 2007

Actually it’s the fourth consecutive year and the 13th consecutive record quarter, which really should surprise anyone and I expect that headline will be the same for the next five years, albeit substituting the 07 for 08 and so on.

According to the latest, which comes from Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Internet advertising totaled $21.7 billion dollars which is a huge 26% up on on 2006 than the record high. Here is the actual report.

What this means is that the Internet is becoming more and more important as a business tool and that you need to pay even more attention to your business website.

By now 99% of all business have a website, but a surprisingly high number still just pay a website designer to make a pretty looking brochure site, just so that they can say “We have a website.” Then they realize that no one can find their website and decide to us Google adwords to drive traffic to their site.

At the same time more and more other companies are realizing the same thing, which leads to more companies competing for the same words which puts the cost per click up and before the end of the week Google is a billion dollars richer and you have had 5 visits for $100 and 3 of those were from competitors.

The solution, build a real website, one that can rank well in the organic (free) listings. Here at DDA, we have over 12 year of experience creating Search Engine Optimized website for a whole range of businesses and bringing them free traffic month after month eliminating the costly need for a pay per click.