Internet speed

The question is, do you still need to take into account the speed of a user’s Internet access. My answer is NO.

According to the latest government figures I can find, 82 percent of Internet users are using a high speed connection. Now when I say latest figures I could find, I mean they were released in June 2009, but related to data from 2007. As we rapidly approach 2010, I’d say that figure is 3 years out of date and the number is probably much higher now.

Obviously you have to think about your target audience; if you’re making a website about rural  mountain goat farming in Colorado, you might wanna hold off on the 1 GB video download. But for most of the US, video streaming is second nature. YouTube isn’t even thought about anymore; you just click and instantly stream.

Of course you do need a good host for your media-intensive websites, so that the content can be streamed out as fast as it can be gobbled up. Here at DDA we have state-of-the-art servers, with redundancy built into the network connections so no matter how many hits you’re getting. Rest assured, your DDA hosted site will keep on delivering 24 hours, 7 days a week.