Invoicing is Easier With Everything Kept on TRAC

Everyone at DDA plays multiple roles. One moment I may be a Production coordinator, or a SEM specialist, perhaps a print project estimator, and in my “down time” I am responsible for invoicing completed projects. To assure that we stay on track with our estimates and billing everyone at DDA logs their time spent on a project into the DDA TRAC (time and resource accounting).

As a member of DDA prepares to work on any project, they must first log in to the appropriate TRAC. Each individual project is assigned its own TRAC. The TRAC will log in all time spent on a project, a description of what was done during each time frame that the project was worked on, and what type of work was done. Once a project is complete, all TRACs associated are closed and printed. All TRACs for the same project are put together and the invoice is written up.

Since everyone is responsible for multiple types of work, the TRAC assures that time is billed appropiately for the work. With the Type of Work column, I know what each person did during their time with the project. Invoices are as accurate as possible and there is no chance that you are paying for time that was not spent on your project.