It’s Everywhere

Advertising messages are everywhere. A study a few years ago found that Americans are exposed to about 17,500 advertising messages a day. They are everywhere, on outdoor signs, on bus benches, on buses, in the grocery store, on the phone, the sidewalk, the sky, sports uniforms, you name it – if it has a surface, it can carry a logo.

I was listening to an interview the other night with Tom Ford, the creative genius, for decades, behind Yves St Laurent and Gucci. He is also the producer of the new movie, A Single Man. The interviewer was asking about some of his early ads where he used nudity to attract attention and sell product, mostly clothing.

One of the early ones, in 1994, had a man kneeling beside  woman. The woman was standing, her robe open, and the boxer shorts she was wearing pulled  down so that a good portion of her pubic region was showing. Her pubic hair had etched with a “G” for Gucci. When asked WHY, he commented that everything else had a logo on it so WHY NOT.

I make no comment on his choice to be so provocative, but I must agree that everything else is branded. Imagine, if this logo branding advertising was what he felt was necessary to get the attention needed, and this was for Gucci, and this was 1994, essentially before the mass distribution of advertising via the Internet, imagine what it takes to get attention today, for the average small business.

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DDA can help you attract public attention without needing pubic attention.