It’s sunny, just outside Philadelphia

On my way to work this morning I was driving for 15 minutes directly into the Sun, which is just in the right spot, so that you cannot see any of the traffic lights without creating a heat shield with you hands and peeking through the slit in your fingers. It appears I was a lucky one as I drove over a train crossing and noticed workmen dragging away the drop down barrier that I would surmise had been smashed off by someone not seeing the red light.

As I kept driving into this relentless beaming light I started to feel hot, at first I thought it was psychological, but I glanced down to my dashboard and saw the external temperature was 59° no wait… 60°. Now we are in December which I just looked up should be much colder even to the point of snow on the ground in this region. To be more precise the mean temperature for December is 34° with the Average high of 41°, Today’s expected high is 65°, that’s 24° above the average high, which will cause a giant blip on the weather graph.

If I was to note a blip on a graph like this, it’s normally a traffic graphic from one of the website analytic software tools we use here at DDA. Using the tools and skills we have it is often possible to figure out exactly what caused an online traffic spike down to the hour it started, the site and even the page that is sending you the traffic. This is just one of the many Website management and maintenance expertise you will have access to is you design and hosted your site with us.