It’s Wednesday, Which Means Tomorrow is Thursday and That the Weekend is Almost Here!

Usually, when I am asked if I have plans for the weekend I say no. That is because I tend to do things on a whim as they come along. Well, that is all changing for the next month or so.

This weekend, I am ordering my bridal gown; next weekend we have a Jeep show to attend (hopefully we win!), after that is a neighborhood yard sale where I hope to empty our basement; then I will be shopping with my girls for bridesmaid dresses; an appointment with our reception hall to make all of our final decisions on everything from food to table linens, to our cake and flowers; and then finally the weekend of October 18th we have a wedding to attend.

I look forward to mid-October to when I will be able to reclaim my weekends, even though they will not last long as Halloween quickly creeps up followed by the winter holidays.

Right now, DDA is busy, but not as busy as I remember it being when I started here, or even this time last year. You can say it is because of the economy or because it is an election year. They are all valid points and probably each have something to contribute to the lack of business that all companies are facing. So if you have a website, postcard, sell sheet, video, animation, or any other marketing material that you feel you need to create or spruce up, contact DDA. Our team of trained and degreed pros will take your marketing materials to the next step.

Hopefully, as my schedule slows down, DDAs speeds up!